Wacky Panda Slot

Wacky Panda is a traditional slot with three reels, three rows, and a single set horizontal pay line. Naturally, this means that the payouts are slightly higher than in other online slots, taking the RTP to a respectable 96 percent. The icons are based on a group of happy pandas, with the Melon-Hat Panda supplying the game’s jackpot. In order to win, three symbols must coincide, except for Melon Hat, which pays out for a single symbol as well. You can pick the value of your coins and bet between one and three coins per spin, with the possible payouts shown alongside the reels at all times.

How To Play Wacky Panda:

Playing this delightful slots game may not be much easier. There are no complicated rules to understand, no lengthy instructions to read, and no time-consuming settings to change before you begin. You can start to play as soon as you’ve set up your bet with only a single pay line. You can only adjust two settings on the main gaming screen: the bet and the coin size. To cycle through the available bet sizes, use the plus and minus buttons on either side of the displayed bet. Click on the little coin icons above the paytable to adjust the number of coins you bet on each pay line. The number of coins you choose will be highlighted. That’s it! All you have to do now is push the spin button to get started.

Click the autoplay button if you’d like to set a particular number of spins. It enables you to use the autoplay feature. You’ll be given the option of selecting 10, 25, 50, or 100 spins from a tiny pop-up screen. The reels will continue to spin until your predetermined number of spins has been exhausted. Your winnings will be credited to your account as normal. You can interrupt the autoplay feature at any time by pressing the spin button, which has now been renamed the stop autoplay button. Using the autoplay feature to play such a simple slots game is a great way to speed up each spin.

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Wacky Panda slot

Slot type Video Slot
Software Microgaming
Slot reels / paylines 3 Reels / 1 Paylines
RTP 96.24%
Min/Max bet 0.1 / 15
Jackpot 1111
Slot Game Features Wild Symbol, Scatters, Free Spins
Slot Themes Asian cutesy panda

Wacky Panda Special Features:

Given the game’s simplicity, it’s maybe unsurprising that there aren’t many special features. Since the game is so basic, adding special bonus features will detract from the allure of this classic slot. The fact that the game’s most lucrative symbol – the red Panda with a watermelon hat – pays out every time it appears on the pay line, even though it only appears once. This symbol behaves more like a scatter than a normal symbol in this regard.

Wacky Panda – Theme and Symbols:

Wacky Panda’s best feature is its simple but appealing theme. It is one of the easiest gameplays in the online casino gaming industry.  Wacky Panda ensures that you do not get bored due to the lack of features with adorable panda characters.  The theme is mainly influenced by China’s lush green landscape, with a touch of Japan. The magical feel of the theme is enhanced by the surreal Chinese tune that plays in the background. The theme combines the essence of Asian culture with the adorable pandas who are sure to make everyone happy. What makes these pandas wackier is the way they look on the reels.

The Wacky Panda online slot game’s icons are strongly inspired by the Asian panda theme. It’s made up of five adorable pandas, their favorite snacks (bamboo shoots), and all in between. On the reels, the lush green backdrop makes these icons visually appealing. The five distinct panda icons pay out differently, which is why they’ve been separated to look cuter than each other.

To win, you must land three matching panda symbols on the game’s pay lines. If you have the game’s highest-paying Panda, which pays out even though only one or two lands on the center pay line.

Many apples, a bunch of bananas, and watermelon are the game’s lower-paying symbols. This means you have three lower-paying symbols and five higher-paying symbols. Many of the symbols are drawn in a cartoon style. Since the pandas are all different colors and have various accessories or features, you’ll be able to tell if you’ve landed a winning combination right away.


Wacky Panda is a high-paying online casino slot game with one of the highest return-to-player (RTP) rates in the industry. It will help you win up to 333 times the amount you bet on a jackpot bet. It’s simpler to play because you can concentrate purely on the symbols and spins rather than the extra features you would not need or see in a real casino. For many players, a casino slot game that does not offer free spins, scatter or wild icons, free spins, or bonuses is not the best option. Wacky Panda, on the other hand, would like to disagree with you on this. The thing is, with such large jackpots and simple gameplay, betting on the reels becomes the top priority for players.

The Wacky Panda online slot game has a simple design, with just three reels and a single pay line. At 1p, each pay line slot can be spun. Your best bet is the red Panda with the watermelon hat, which multiplies your wager by 111 times. If you get three of these, you will be paid 333 times the sum you bet. As a result, you have a good chance of winning with fair payouts and single-button gameplay.

RTP and Volatility:

The RTP for Wacky Panda is 96.00 percent. Wacky Panda is ranked 471 out of over 5,000 games on Slotslike.co.uk, with a Medium-High RTP and Medium volatility. Wacky Panda is the 42nd most popular Microgaming slot game, with Jungle and Panda as themes.


Wacky Panda is a great online slot game for anyone who likes old-school classic fruit machines. It appeals to users of all ages, genders, and demographics. The wacky pandas are incredibly adorable and well-designed, keeping you immersed in the game on all platforms, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops. Another great feature of Wacky Panda is that it is not a resource-intensive game, making it possible to play it on any network, even if the connection speed is inadequate.

We like to play Wacky Panda because of its accessibility, ease of use, wacky theme, easy gameplay, and large winnings. The best part is that with just three slots, you’re guaranteed to earn at least a 15x multiplier even on bad days. When you’re unsure what to do, try the demo version of the game to get a feel for the Wacky Panda online slot game’s basic gameplay and style.