Jul 09 2015

3-reel Online Slots With Bonus Games

COC-Can-13Slots are evolving with time and more and more variations are coming in the game. The 3-reel slots are getting popular and giving a tough time to already acclaimed 5-reel slots. The 3-reel slots offer a lot of variety for the users. They can enjoy a range of games with a number of different themes and features as well. The players are also offered numerous bonus rounds of different types and they also have an opportunity to play for the classical or the progressive jackpots. The games also have some special features which need to be triggered in order to win some instant prizes.

3-reel Online Slots With Bonus Games:

The casinos of any type employ a lot of different slot games with bonuses to attract more and more customers towards them. The bonuses are of multiple types which require players to meet a certain criteria in order to withdraw them. A lot of players find it irritating and frustrating to meet the certain asked wagering requirements to withdraw the bonus incentives from their account. But in reality, it is worth it as you get some handsome money in the long run or get a chance to play and win for real money by putting none of your own money at risk. The casinos are justified by putting such wagering requirements as otherwise none of the players would stick to one particular casino. They will take the bonus; withdraw it and then just move to the next casino to do the same.

Most of the casinos today have either 3-reel or 5-reel slot games. The number of reels actually determines the number of payouts per spin. The 5-reel slot games obviously offer higher payouts as compared to the 3 reel slot games. However, the latter one is also very popular and preferred by a lot of gamblers due to its exciting fun features and number of bonus game offers. The following are some of the top 3-reel Online Slots with Bonus Games which you would definitely love to have:

  • Free Spins –The free spins is the favorite bonus game offer not only for the gamblers but the casino as well. The number(s) of free spins are triggered when the gambler matches a certain combination of symbols. The free spin rounds can be very beneficial and you can win great money by literally putting none of your own money at risk of losing.
  • Sliders – The 3-reel slot games usually have a slider icon on the reel which moves over a single spot on the payout line or otherwise it can replace with another icon on a different payout line in order to form a much desirable combination. It is the move of the slot bonus games which can either make or break a winning combination. It is a nice bonus option as well, as it can help you again to win some good money through a bonus game.
  • Cascades – Cascades are the type of bonus games in the 3-reel slots where the symbols on the payout line are being replaced by other symbol types in order to form a much desirable pattern with the potential of winning. The symbols used here in cascades are usually the wild icons that enhance your payout by acting like the multipliers.
  • Wilds – The function of wild card is just that of the wild card in the game of cards. The wild card symbol is just that it can be replaced with any other symbol that you desire for forming a potentially winning combination. It can replace with any possible symbol on the pay line of the reel.
  • Hold n’ Spin – It is not possible for the gamblers to manipulate the spin of the slot game. Using the Hold n’ Spin bonus game feature, the gamblers can hold certain reels and spins the other reels faster in order to control the outcome of the spin somehow. This can help a great deal in winning the payout.