Mar 31 2014

Kings of Cash—Perfectly Themed Slot Review

Kings of Cash—Perfectly Themed Slot ReviewWhile thinking about other games, the name of Kings of Cash cannot be negated by dint of its perfect features like perfect themes and impressive payouts. There is a 15 line game which has provided 20 coins slot feature to cast never-ending image on the minds of its player. The colorful playing card symbols provide the name of the slot and Kings of Cash suggests moving forward armful.

How to Play:

No introduction has been given about this game ever and none can do straight business going into the game. There is suspense in the game all the time. You need to prefer coin value settings in the game for having good fun. The payouts range from 0.01 to 0.25 in the game. Kings of Cash provides numberless pay lines and coins for each line to be good and spin button option. You just need to focus on it.There are various features of the game which are worth-mentioning. Why not understand such features right here.

  • Bonus Cash Game:

The best feature of the game is the Kings of Cash bonus feature which triggers your winnings to higher extents. With this feature, you just need to open up a new screen so that you may launch 12 new face cards for having great fun and a bonus. You will have to match the cards to have great winnings or bonus points. Selecting one card and matching three cards with it is the game you will have to play. So, you need to focus on it so that you may do this in the right way. After completing it, the cash prize will be displayed on the screen for your assurance. The earning can be increased to higher extent when you will collect all the scatter symbols in the game. You just need to focus on it while playing the game.

  • Free Spins Bonus:

Kings of Cash can also reward your free spins and you will have to attain three scatter symbols for making this option active. Also, it would be easy to have a Royal Curtain scatter symbol in your hands with ease. It would be easy when you will attain three symbols to convert them into free spins bonus.

There are various features but free spins and cash bonus are great one to consider. I’ll also explain others but want to mention here that Kings of Cash is the name of slot game by wake of these two above mentioned features. Also, the best features of this game are mentioned here.

Þ     More than 15 Pay lines.

Þ     5 reels in Kings of Cash.

Þ     Jackpot prize of 100,000 coins.

Þ     Coin ranges from 0.01 to 0.25.

Þ     Per line coins are 20.

Þ     Multiplier for having multiplication of winnings.

Þ     Wild and Scatter symbols to collect.

Þ     Bonus cash and free spins.

All these features are really handsome in Kings of Cash and it gives us fully packed entertainment to have complete fun. Why not try it right now!

Mar 03 2014

Jellyfish Jaunt Video Slot Machine Review

Jellyfish Jaunt Video Slot Machine ReviewThe latest micro-gaming in the market are transforming the gaming world in amazing ways. You do not need to worry about the convenience of playing your favorite game anymore. Almost all casino games have now been introduced online for players to enjoy at their convenient time. It is true that during these economic times, everybody wants to work hard for extra time so they can cater for the many needs of the family. Because of this, time for playing casino games is greatly minimized thanks to online gaming which has introduced a variety of games to play at your convenient time right from the comfort of your home or office.

More about jellyfish jaunt video slot machine

This is an online video slots game with 5 reels and 25 paylines. The game has amazing features that make every step of the play amazing and enjoyable. Among the features include the free spins, scatter symbols, a wild symbol, multiplier and a jackpot of $45,000

Theme of the game

The main theme of the game is deep sea exploration with amazing features that help you to increase your chances of winning at the end of the day. If you are a fun of the sea environs, then you can’t wait to play this game. There are more sea life forms that you can’t wait to see with other submarines acting as the scatter symbols to build winning combinations in the game.

Betting in the game

Betting in jellyfish jaunt ranges between 1 penny and 125 dollars; you can therefore place the bets manually for you to stand a chance of winning big in the end of the day.

Features of Jellyfish Jaunt Slots Game

The wild symbol is the main feature of this game and when it appears on any position, it will substitute any other icon other than the scatter icons. When 5 of the wild symbols appear on active paylines, they trigger a 9,000 jackpot which can also go as high as $45,000.

Scatter symbols are also crucial in the game of jellyfish jaunt as three or more of the submarine icons will trigger free spins and a 3 times multiplier. You can as well win this crucial feature during the free spins and play further spins concurrently resulting to higher chances of winning in the game.

What We Think About the Game

Many online players have confirmed their liking for this game and their intentions to play it again and again. With a betting range that allows anybody to play, this is the best game you can ever have. Come with any bet and open your chances to win big with the little you have. The next time you will be thinking to select an online game to play, consider the jellyfish jaunt, a game that will give you fun and above all a chance to win big. What a convenience, what an amazing game for you right there. The game is ready; it’s time for you to play!