Feb 03 2014

What Are Social Casino Games?

social-casino-gamesThe idea of gaming has greatly changed since the invention of computers, Smartphones and social networks. Gaming was never considered as such interesting in the past and many people thought it was just passing but surprising it is still here and will always be. Social gaming has actually become quite profitable and popular among many players and for this reason developers of online casinos are forced to create social games which are appealing to a large number of gamers. In short social casino games are designed in a manner that players are able to interact freely with other players from different parts of the world, sharing their experiences and progress.

Origin of Social Casino Games

The very first social casino to be ever developed is the Zynga poker which was developed by Zynga. They developed this game by connecting  the concept of casino gaming with social gambling. This is a normal poker game, but having additional social features such as the ability of players to interact and sharing  progress with players as well as friends from other parts. This paved way for introduction of more casino applications which are social such as the Zynga Slots which was developed in the Facebook application market.  This game allows players to enjoy the amazing features such as play slots that are free and sharable content. This helped in development of modern casino slots such as Zynga Elite Slots that became an epitome of the social gaming market. This is because it allowed people to play together so as to complete the game’s levels in order to win the slots jackpots.

Though Zynga remained unique and popular in the social gaming market, sooner other developers got interested and the Double Dow Casino Application was invented. This application changed everything for online gaming more especially when it was adopted by the International Game Technology who was the very first developers online that made the concept of online gambling for real money . For a long time this application has greatly boosted IGT.

888 Holdings later in the days also came into the limelight of social gaming for real-money gambling. This company has come up with up with an amazing application referred to as the Magic888. This application allows players to play the online slot machines using their games platform for Facebook. This is actually a very convenient way to play the game also allows sharing  progress with other players and  friends just like in the case of Double Down Casino and Zynga Elite Slots. Can you imagine players such a game with real money and real jackpot prizes awarded to you!

Social casino gaming has greatly improved with the passage of time and has progressed from free poker plays to the current Facebook casinos for real  money. More is yet to be seen as the world of online gaming keeps advancing day in day out. Innovations are likely to be seen in the near future as social casinos take charge of the online gaming industry.

Nobody actually imagined that social gaming could be here for long, but surprising it keeps thriving with online gaming operators giving in to the changes. There are actually millions of players worldwide enjoying social casino games from various parts of the world because they are easy and enjoyable. Social gaming is actually an ever improving trend in the market for most companies developing various casino games for players to enjoy online.  The ever increasing social audience for instance on Facebook is now targeted and the best way to get them is through introduction of social casino games.  With free trials, many people are bound to try the games and who knows this might turn out as the real money opportunity for players and operators . You knew nothing about social casino games? Now you do.